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– Ny ballistisk donation til Ukraine 2024 

The supply continues

Following the success of supply of winter equipment for Ukrainian front soldiers, which resulted in some 22.000 equipped soldiers, the requirement for spring and summer 2024 has changed drastically. Since the enemy are now using ammunition with ballistic penetrating Wolfram caps, the usual NATO equipment for helmets (NIJ level IIIA) and ballistic plates for bullet proof vests (NIJ level IV) are no longer sufficient to stop the projectiles. Scandic Defence has for month studied the new requirements and complies fully to the new challenge. Therefore, it is decided, that these products will be supplied via Defence Ukraine Danmark.

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There is an acute need helmets and bulletproof vests that provides higher protection than equipment certified under the existing NATO standards, NIJ 3A and NIJ 4. This is because the enemy is now using ammunition with armor-piercing tungsten/wolfram cores that penetrate the existing NATO certified protection. Scandic Defence sees the same request also from Israel.

Scandic Defence has due to our investment in Nucliray Defence ( achieved a very high knowledge of the wolfram material, and therefore successfully developed products that meet the new requirements. Spring 2024, the urgent demand alone for Ukraine exceeds 250.000 front soldiers who are no longer adequately protected to withstand the enemy. Its more important than ever to ensure the upgrade of equipment and increase the chance of saving their lives.
The first Ukrainian tender of large supply of ballistic helmets and plates with the new level are already in production from Scandic Defence.





Gas masks

hemostatic granueles

Bulletproof Ifak

We are proud to partner with ITURRI, a family-owned group rooted in Sevilla, Spain since 1947. Specializing in the manufacturing of garments, footwear, equipment, and vehicles for Industrial Safety and Protection, Emergency Services, Defense, and Healthcare sectors, ITURRI is dedicated to safeguarding people and their environments.

With a global presence across four continents and a workforce of over 2,000 employees worldwide, ITURRI’s commitment lies in delivering innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions to promote a safer world. Through our partnership, we strive to combine our expertise and resources to better serve our customers and communities, ensuring enhanced safety and protection for all.

Scandic Defence Equipment

Scandic Defence ApS

Scandic Defence ApS has long experience in manufacturing protection devices, such as equipment for soldiers. We manufacture and supply Ozon generators for bases and army vehicle to disinfect bases and tanks. At the same time, we also sell IFAK (Independent First Aid Kits)  which can be bulletproof, as well as lots of other similar products.

Scandic Defence has been selected by the professional industry to develop a breathing device for soldiers, which can stand Chemical Weapon attach, like a gas mask, but a much lighter version, which is Non-Reusable, in order to equip the soldiers with very light weight protection.