Important notice:

In order to comply with new requirements to stop projectiles with Wolfram (tungsten) caps, Scandic Defence has developed a new material (Coxwell) which we are now using inside both ballistic stand alone plates as well as helmets.
The tests to approve the upcoming standard are much more difficult than the beneath described tests, required by NIJ (National Institute of Justice, for the NATO standards).

Hard armor shield plates

The Ballistic hard armor shield plates has passed NIJ Standard 0101.04 / Armor level IV. (Ballistic Penetration and Backface Signature Test (P-BFS)

The Ballistic PE type M88 Combat helmet has passed NIJ  Standard 0106.01 /Level IIIA, p.52, Special Type (9×19 FMJ m=8,0 g, velocity 426 +/-  15 m/s and 44 Magnum LSWC m=15,6g, Velocity 426 +/- 15 m/s.

Ballistic protection class NIJ Standard 0101.06

NIJ Standard is the ballistic standard of the American National Institute of Justice . It has been the only nationally accepted standard in the USA since 1972 and has also established itself as the leading standard worldwide . The aim of the NIJ standard was to determine the minimum performance ballistics must achieve and to establish these minimum requirements.

The NIJ Standard 0101.06 is the current American standard from 2008. It is divided into 5 protection classes:
Type IIa , Type II, Type IIIa , Type III and Type IV.

  • NIJ IIa : Protection against projectiles from “normal” handguns
  • NIJ II : Protection against projectiles from handguns
  • NIJ IIIA : Protection against projectiles from all handguns and submachine guns
  • NIJ IIII : Protection against normal bullets from long guns
  • NIJ IV: Protection against hard core projectiles from long guns

The ballistic requirements of the classes are as follows:

Type Caliber Bullet type Dimensions Speed
IIa 9x19mm
.40 B&W
Full metal
8.00 grams 373 +/- 9.1 m/s
II 9x19mm
.357 magnum
Full metal Jacketed
Jacketed soft point (partial jacket)
8.00 grams
6.00 grams
398 +/- m/s
436 +/- 9.1 m/s
IIIA .357 SIG (9x22mm)
.44 Magnum

Full Metal Jacketed flat nose

(full jacket with flat head)

Semi Jacketed Hollow Point

8.1 grams

15.6 grams

448 +/- 9.1 m/s
346 +/- 9.1 m/s
III .7.62x51mm (M80) Steel Jacketed
(steel full jacket)
9.6 grams 847 +/- 9.1 m/s
IV 7.62×63 (M2AP) Armor piercing
(steel hard core)
10.8 grams 878 +/- 9.1 m/s