Mine detector

ZJSC-T3X Mine Detector

ZJSC-T3X Mine Detector is mainly used to detect various mines or unexploded ordnance laid under the ground in mine detection and clearance operations at the wartime and postwar, which is also used to search the mines, explosives, firearms, tools & knives and other metal-containing dangerous goods laid under the ground, water and in the buildings in operations such as international peace-keeping, anti-terrorist and security check etc. to provide all accurate information for the clearance of dangerous goods.


  • High-sensitivity
  • Easy to operate
  • Audio and visual indications
  • Detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metals
  • Minimize the risk of detonating magnetic influence mines
  • High effective soil compensation
  • Precision pin-pointing of the target
  • Water resistant

ZJSC-T3X Mine Detector


Operating weight:


Detecting distance:


Operating length:


Probe diameter:


Soil adaptability:

General soil, magnetic soil, alkaline soil, and laterite

Alarm mode:

Internal speaker /Headset Visual Display


4°øD-size(Rechargeable or Alkaline)

Battery life:

≥15hours (Ordinary temperature with standard battery)



Operating temperature:

-40˚ ~ +55˚