About us


Scandic Defence ApS has long track record in producing protection devices, both via our sister company, Scandic Medico, which manufactures FFP3 and medical equipment in Denmark.

Scandic Defence manufactures protection for soldiers and professionals, and has equipped tens of thousands of soldiers with everything from winter equipment, full armor helmets, bulletproof vests, night visions, mine sweepers, radios, drone jammers etc.

We are in weekly contact with UAMoD on very high level and we have an organization which allows goods to be delivered at the right spot and the right place in Ukraine.

Our production is carried out on secure locations in Denmark, and we represent various professional manufactures in the market. A large part of our business are tenders, where we have won several large bids in collaboration with our partners, both in Denmark (DALO) and Danske Regioner, as well as FMV in Sweden in the past years.

Scandic Defence owns 50% of www.nucliray.com the first nuclear protection garment in the market, which has brought us a deep knowledge of wolfram (tungsten) material. Wolfram is what some armies are now using as bullet caps. This results in the new ammunition penetrates the normal standard NATO products (level NIJ IIIA for ballistic helmets and Level NIJ IV for ballistic standalone plates), which is a dramatic change in the protection of soldiers’ lives.

Scandic Defence has developed a new material, which can comply with the new threat, and we have already won very large tenders in Ukraine based on that. The requirement of testing is much higher than the usual NATO standard and both ballistic helmets and plates complies with the new requirement.

Israel MOD is aware of the new threat and are presently testing our products.

Scandic Defence has decided not to obtain patent on the new ballistic invention.

The production of Scandic Defence is purely protection.

Scandic Defence ApS operates with NIJ standards, and we are pending following ISO certifications:

ISO 9001
Quality Management Sytsem

ISO 45001
Occupational health and safety management systems

ISO 14001
international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management systems

ISO 13485
Medical devices – Quality management system

Further, Scandic Defence ApS operates according to United Nation Global Goals.