Night vision

D-G2051SD Night Vision

D-G2051SD night vision goggle is lightweight, compact, rugged, single-tube multifunctional night vision system. It utilizes a pseudo binocular design for added observation convenience. It has a built-in IR light source for complete darkness conditions. It is an exceptional choice for hands free (head-mounted and helmet-mounted) usage and can take either CR123 lithium battery or AA battery to power this unit without any other accessories.

Kit includes:
Night Vision Goggle, Flip-up head mount, Protective carrying bag, Instruction manual, Lens cleaning cloth, Warranty card, Desiccant.

D-G2051SD Night Vision

Military DG2051SD Binocular head mounted Night vision for tactical helmet or handhold.


Military D-G2051SD head mounted Night Vision system for tactical helmet Fast / M88 with rails / Mick or handhold.
Product Lightweight Night Vision, single tube multifunctional, pseudo binocular system.Built in IR light for complete darkness conditions.
Color Black
Waterproff Ip67. Operational 1 hour under 1 meter water.
Features Auto Shut of, when device is turned up. No power use when on standby.
Mil spec coating. Multi antireflection film ensure no reflection on lens. Automatic brightness control. Stable viewing of object.
Resolution (lp/mm) 45-64
Photocathode type


S/N (dB)


Luminous sensitivity (qA/lm) 500-600
MTTF (hrs) 10.000
FOV (deg) 40
Detection distance (m) 220-240
Diopter (deg) +5/-5
Lens system F1.2, 25.8mm
Dimensions (mm) 149x121x51
Environmental ratin IP67

AC22061SD Night Vision Combat Device

This is a small and lightweight binocular military product, wearing a low light level night vision instrument. The instrument adopts high-performance generation 2 + image intensifier, which has the powerful advantages of small volume, compact structure, light weight, large field of vision, high definition, no distortion of image. When not in use, simply raise the device up on your helmet, and it will shut down. Rapid swift from Binocular to monocular observation mode.


  • The night vision instrument uses high-performance generation 2 + image intensifier.
  • Multilayer broadband coating: ultra-wideband multilayer antireflection film can inhibit the broadband reflection on the glass surface of the lens, reduce the light loss, and ensure more light passes through the lens, to obtain a good observation effect and keep anonymous.
  • Fast switching of single binocular viewing mode: the single side lens barrel can turn up and down 140 ° independently, realize the fast switching of single binocular viewing mode, and has the function of automatic shutdown when the single side lens barrel turns up to 45 °.
  • Strong light automatic power-off protection function: when the ambient light detected by the environment detector exceeds 40 lux during observation, the equipment power supply will be automatically turned off within 10s, to prevent the image intensifier from being damaged and protect the instrument.
  • Direction sensing automatic switch: when the whole instrument is turned up 90-120 degrees, it will shut down automatically; Automatically turn on when turning down to watch.
  • Infrared thermal image enhancement pendant. The use of night vision instrument in low light and low illumination environment, change to infrared thermal image enhancement pendant to realize rapid upgrading of equipment, improve users’ night perception ability and ensure priority identification of potential targets.
  • Connect the external battery box through the power cord to meet the needs of long-time viewing.
  • Eye distance locking function: the eye distance can be adjusted continuously within the range of 50-80mm, and the eye distance can be locked manually.
  • Assault helmets with rails or hand-held operations.

AC22061SD Night Vision

Military grade Binocular AC22061SD Night Vision Combat Device for tactical assault combat helmets, handhold or head mounted.
Model Military AC22061SD
Image intensifier Level Gen2 + (generation 2 +)
Resolution (LP / mm) 48-65
Magnification 1x
Field of view (°) 40
Visual adjustment range (diopter, °) +5/-5
Eye distance adjustment range (mm)


Lens System

F1.2, 25mm

Focus range (m) 0.25 – ∞
Volume (length x width x height mm) 115x178x58 (unfolded) / 115x105x85 (folded)
Weight (kg) 0.612
Switch style Knob type
Switch gear OFF / ON / IR / AUTO
Power supply voltage (V) 2.6-4.2
Power type 1 CR123A battery / battery box
Standby time (hours) 40H (infrared on) 80h (infrared not on)
Battery Power supply Battery box power supply: 300h
Strong light automatic power-off protection function Yes
Direction sensing automatic switch function Yes
Single side barrel up turn off function Yes
Automatic brightness control Yes
Infrared auxiliary lamp Yes
Built in infrared indicator Yes
Multilayer broadband coating Yes
Eye distance range locking function Yes
Operating temperature range (° C) -51 to + 49
Storage temperature range (° C)

-51 to + 85

Relative humidity


Dustproof and waterproof level IP65 (upgradeable to IP68)

Military Multifunction Thermal imaging night vision device

Thermal Imager | Thermal Sights | Thermal Clip-on | Thermal With Head mount

Objective Lens F1.0
16/27mm Two different lenses

KRY316LSD uses a 16mm Lens
RY627LSD uses a 27mm Lens


Features: Compact, low power consumption / long Battery Life

  1. OLED 1024×768 Display screen
  2. WIFI connection
  3. 384×288 / 640×512 Infrared detector
  4. 7~8h Endurance
  5. Photo / Video
  6. 356g~378g Flexible
  7. Head Mount / Thermal sights / Thermal imager

Military Multifunction Thermal imaging night vision device

Pixel Pitch, µm 12
Resolution 384 x 288 640 x 512
Frame Rate, HZ 50
Response wave band 8 ~ 14 µm
Dispay, OLED 1024 x 768
Objective Lens 16mm F=1.0 27mm F=1.0

16.3° x 12.3°

Magnification 1x
Diopter Adjustment -5 ~ +2
Exit Pupil Diameter 12mm
Exit Pupil Distance 20mm
Polarity Black heat / White heat / Red heat / Rouge / Color1 / Color2
Mode Outdoor / Arctic / Rainforest Bird / Observation
Digital Zoom 1-4x 1-8x
Digital Compass Azimuth, Pitch, Roll
WIFI Support
Video/Photo Support
Battery 1 x 18650 (3.7v)
Max. Battery Life >8h >7h
Reticle type 7  Multiple modes
Reticle color White / Black / Red / Invert Colors
Motion sensor Support
Target type (1.7m x 0.5m) 1500 mm 2550 mm
Weight (w/o battery) 356g (>318g) 378g (>348g)
Dimension 125*72*44mm
Mounting Type Handheld, head, thermal scope, clip-on thermal scope
Waterproof IP67
Operating Temperature Range -20°C ~ +40°C ~ +40°C (optional)
Shock 6000J
Vibration 6.06G


ROE-PVS7 SD Military grade


Image Intensifier grade Generation 3
Cathode diameter 17,5
Resolution (1p/mm) 64,68
Signal to noise 16-23
Luminance addition (times) 30000-50000
Maximum current (mA) 16-20
Maximum voltage (v) 2.8 ± 0.8
Average continous operating time (hrs) 10000
Operating temperature range (celcius) -40°C ~ +55°C
Height (mm) 22,5
Diameter (mm) 43


ROE-PVS7 SD Military grade – Generation 3

ROE-PVS7 SD Military grade
Anti-strong light automatically: Yes
Magnification: 1 x
Detective distance: 220 ~ 360m
Recognition distance: 180 ~ 260m
Field of view: 40°
Objective lens adjustment: 0.25~~∞
Diopter adjustment: +5/-5
Eye relief diameter: 15mm
Eye relief distance: 15mm
Eyes distance range: 57 ~ 73mm
Battery type: 2pcs AA batteries or 1pc CR123A
Power supply: 3V
Continuous working time: 30hrs IR on; 60Hrs IR Off
Dimensions: 160*160*75mm
Net weight: 560g
Operating temperature range: -40℃~~~+50℃
Using life: 10000 hours



GENERATION 3 – Helmet mounted night vision binocular
ROE-3140NVG A SD Military grade

ROE-3140NVG is a high-performance military head mounted night vision binocular with reference to pvs-31, an active head mounted night vision binocular in the United States.

Low light ROE-3140NVG has the characteristics of super large field of view, high definition, no distortion, light weight, high strength (the overall performance is much better than the original version of the U.S. military products), which is the ideal choice for military night equipment.

ROE-3140NVG SD Military grade – Generation 3

ROE-3140NVG SD Military grade
Structural mode Flip up design
Rollover detection Automatically detect and power off when flip up
Battery type Lithium battery (cr123x1) / cr123x4 external battery box
Power supply 1.4-4.2V
Installation Head mounted(standard American helmet interface)
Control mode ON/IR/AUTO
Power consumption <0.1W
Battery capacity 800-3200maH
Battery life 40-80hrs
Magnification 1x
FOV 40°
EPD 14mm
IIT Gen2+/3 P43/P45
Lens system F1.2 / 25mm
Resolution ≥ 64lp/mm
Optical distortion 3% Max
Coating Multi-layer broadband coating
Focal Range 250mm-∞
Focus mode Manual focus facility
Eye relief 25mm
Diopter -4 – +3°
Eye distance adjustment range 50-80mm
Eye distance locking method Manual locking
IP Rating IP65 or 67
Dimension 115 x 105 x 85mm
Weight Diopter adjustable version 496.3G(battery included)
Non-Diopter adjustable version 460G(battery included)
IR illumanator 850nm 20mW
Operating Temp -40 – +55℃


Protection Flash light B15 SD with clip

Model Protection Flash light B15 SD
Material Aluminium Alloy
Color Black
Weight Single Weight of lamp- 80 gram. Standard set of color box: 185g
Gear Strong light, medium light, weak light, burst flash, SOS
Functions Lighting, Night riding, emergency, distress signal
Power Supply 18650 lithium battery (battery excluded as prohibited in airline transportation) 10W
Endurance 3 hours strong light / 5 hours weak light.
Voltage 3.7 to v.2 V
Lamp bead T6*1
Range 0-200 Meter
Waterproof IPX4
Brightness 500 Lumens
Size 138*26*28mm
Color box dimension 150*100*40mm
Carton size / quantity 57*37,5*44cm 50 Pcs.